Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trouble never shout never.

logo cropped top-selfmade round skirt-lace socks-oxford shoes

Oh ya I've been working since last month.and I have to admit that I'm not really used to it,urghh.So I manage to have some time to blog from now on.Back to the post,I'm wearing logo printed top with the handmade round skirt.The weather is quite hot actually,but I still wearing the legging with knitted socks lol.I wanna have a red velvet skirt but it's too bad I can't find any in the textile store.So I just get some red color fabric from the school to finish the skirt.It's great that the skirt looks perfect with the top here.I got it from Sg.Wang plaza and it just costs me RM10.

I feeling pleased for the coming weekend,gonna catch up on lastest flick with the boy.And I shall get some time to have a walk around the bundle store in the town,oh I wanna get some vintage blouse,band tees and button up skirt.It's kind of mess that can't find anything to wear from my closet.


  1. I love the leopard belt and the red skirt <3

  2. I love the outfit, especially the shoes!