Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy HOLY Day.

Handmade burgundy sabo skirt - Mom's melange sweater - DIY creeper shoes -
Spikey headband - Bershka accessories

HAPPY HALLOWEEN to eveyone and dress up to a little bit spooky here! I couldn't spend much time for blogging right now since there's a lot of thing  I have to finish before time runs out. By the way, I'm overtaking with my mom's sweater, I can't find any similar thing in the store compared with this and really impressed with the melange swatch. Guess that my sabo skirt is the best thing to goes with the top since it's been a while I kept it in my wardrobe. It's my new round sunglass I got from a kiosk, it looks awesome with the remix of rainbow shades! I love wearing it while putting on the cranberry red lipstick. 

I really hope you having great day with a lot of fun or maybe something scary and creepy one? :)