Sunday, October 28, 2012

Empty Case.


vintage plaid blazer - DUET top - H&M skinny jeans - DUET creeper shoes

I wanna share some pictures about what I'm wearing last few days ago. This is how grateful I could find the plaid blazer here, touch of 60's and retro vintage.I want to match this oversize blazer with the skinny I just got from H&M store. I love how's the feeling  putting on the jeans,such a pair of soft and slouchy one and the colour is amazing too. The top is from DUET, I got it long time ago but have no idea why I keep wearing it in these days. It's a very hot Sunday afternoon and I was just finish watching tv with my dad. I rewatched The Lord of the Ring and it still make me feeling good. It's about time for me getting ready to my bf''s birthday celebration tonight. His friends gonna tag him to his favourite's restaurant in the town. He's too obsessed with burger and chips more than everything else, guess that his diet plan would be totally fail after the night.