Saturday, October 20, 2012

State of Mind

Thrifted blazer - DUET galaxy print legging pant - NILE shoes 

I get obsessed with this galaxy print legging pant when I first saw in DUET store.The quality is so good and comfortable to wear. It's the crop net top and black satin tanks ( I wore back side as the front ) which I usually want to match with all of my clothes. That was pretty good I found this thrifted blazer when on the way I visit to grocery shop with my sis - couldn't resist to put it on for this coming weekend.

So the MIFA is coming real soon in this November, we all feeling excited and I really want to get some new fabrics to make new dress! Since there's much time for me to do some sewing in class,I need a pair of low waist acrylic dress and plain white tailored coat.


  1. Lovely outfit, but your shoes are just STUNNING <3 Totally cool!

    Btw, I'd love to hear your opinion about my latest look ;)

    Love, B

  2. I love these leggings! Shoes and blazer, too. You have a great style <3