Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Life's unbreakable.

Men's tee - mom's harem pant - F21 net socks - handmade leather clutches - Stylenanda inspired sandal heels

This really took me so much courage to put all these things together here. I got the men's tee when I went to Tesco with my sis and this only costs me 5 bucks.Thinking of wearing it with a pair of long pant(no skinny one) but I getting sick of having neither one of my pants or skirts here. So again I try to look for something in my mom's wardrobe and I found a pair of harem trousers in royal blue. I can't believe that how is my beloved mom could always has so many awesome pieces(when she's young) and I could really save much from my wishing list for coming December.The leather heels is another favourite pair for me recently, totally in love with the faux leather texture in plainly white. The F21 royal blue net socks looks eye catching while pairing with the white heels,and guess what I got some funky colour socks from the store also to keep legs warm in these chilly season.

I'been missing from my blog like couple weeks time-lying on my bed all the time,drinking the tasteless medicine and I'm actually got sick for this time. Sore throat and heavy flu is torturing me and I miss my good food-all the spicy and oily one lol. I skip the time for being with the mates since I couldn't talk properly now and thanks to bf for good taking care of myself, I feel better than this anymore.


  1. Get better soon :) I love how this is all put together - the net socks with those clunky sandals and the harem pants. Everything is just so casual and edgy at the same time.

  2. loving your shoes! get well sonn too ;)