Friday, November 30, 2012


It'been a while I had a interview with Sheila, the editor of WhatIWear and I'm thrilled to work this out with the team. The interview is all about sharing of being a fashion design student. I would pleased to share and talk about my school life with everyone here. Enjoy! (Picture edited by WIW) 

The name KarenCyan to our team means a girl who always produces cool different looks with cool different items, always. It’s no surprise actually, since she’s the student of fashion!
Hi I’m Karen! I'm studying fashion design and dress making course at LA Mode Fashion Academy which is located in Kajang, Malaysia. This school offers one-on-one coaching to help individuals.There's no time limits for class as I could adjust my time flexibly. By the way, I'm taking 4 years time to finish this major.
I was fond of styling and dressing myself since I was a child. At that time, I love to do something for my dresses or accessories eventhough I know nothing for the sewing skill. I decided to take fashion design course after finish my high school year. Ya I'm a big fan of DIY and it’s getting more and more interesting by taking in this major. I could sew and make some new clothes which I couldn't found in the store or trying to make so accessories for myself with bargain price.
What I do daily in my class is working out with the sewing machine, that’s the main thing. First I need to make a design,draw the pattern,cut the fabric, and then sew it into a wearable piece.  I really do enjoy every step to finish a piece of cloth - have fun of learning sewing skill or master the 24cm figure on art paper. That's only one thing which driving me nuts -I could spent half day at the textile store to choose material for every design.
There are also classes where I have to learn about fashion illustration based on free hand drawing and use computer software that incorporates with sophisticated tools. My school doesn’t conduct any examination or test. I'm sort of strangely pleased for this because I feel stress-free for my course and I had much time to focus on my work. 
After graduating from this major, there are many possibilities for professions such as fashion designer, professional tailor, pattern maker, fashion stylist or a boutique owner (that's my little wish too). It would be really fun and challenging to be a part in this fashion industry.
So for those who really love fashion, and when I say love, I mean if you really wanna get into the industry, this is the major for you. Be creative, be fashionable, just be yourself. Please enjoy whatever you do in fashion designing major, be it easy or difficult!

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  1. Hi Karen, have you completed your course? How was your experience with La Mode Academy Kajang? Hope you are able to share. Thank you.