Sunday, December 23, 2012

Penang Photo Diary II

Love how random is the last picture here when my bf been tried to adjust the focal length of camera and I was waiting in silence.There's more pictures I have in the trip and have been visited to the famous Clan Jetties in Weld Quay, Penang. The most tourist-friendly jetty- the Chew Jetty is worth to stopping by and we  exploring along the bridge to take some shoots. I was caught without any make-up so wearing the sunshades  making a contrast which seems like I have a pale lips here lol. I'm wearing my handmade woven maxi skirt underneath the white men's tee from F.O.S,the neon beanie is from TaoBao and the straps sandals is from Cotton On.There are some comfy apparels I used to have in these days staying at Penang Island.

I could managed to do xmas shopping in this weekend and going for hunting some nice food and decoration stuffs for the coming Christmas day. I'm so exciting to have celebration with my best mates and bf's family even though I need to work on Christmas though. I also able to catch up movie Wreck-it Ralph yesterday  night- a super adorable interesting animated comedy film that you guys must have to watch! I love this movie so much and kind of missing the childhood time when video game is my everything.