Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Last December.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Aww time flies it's a brand new year and I pretty sure this could be another awesome year for all of us. It was a festive week on every last week of the year, I really spent some good time for the Christmas and New Year with my family and best mates. There are couple of pictures I have in my camera for last December,been worked a lot to fix things out. The most pleasant things is finally I got a copy of  Feminine magazine ‘风采杂志’ which my handmade duo-tones one shoulder pleated dress had been featured on the mag. The stylist Swing Chan do have talented skill for this photoshoot and I'm totally being impressed. The first and second pictures showing some of my plain white accessories collection and the new favourite's funky sunglass. Hanging out by wearing beanie and long denim pants is my current daily routine and sometimes gold and silver shimmer combo would be the best way having a night party with the mates. The last two pictures taken when I celebrated Christmas at my bf's place. Love the rose scented candle lighting and we been watching two cheesy Christmas comedy videos afterall and the night was amazing.

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