Sunday, July 28, 2013

Time's out.

 Bro's t-shirt - Vintage knee-length skirt - Elastic band sandals c/o Cotton On - 
Twist yarn cotton socks c/o Larrie

My hair is turning reddish day after day, kinda in love with the current colour tone yet is too bad that couldn't manage to keep my hair shorter. Took some pictures with my bro before heading out for a concert few days ago. I was trying to have something comfortable to wear, that would be perfect while putting on the oversized tee ( thanks to my bro for lending me this) and some flowy skirt. I don't know why but always fond of wearing colour socks with the different type of sandal shoes. The twist yarn cotton socks is really cheer me up with a touch of red on heel and toe's part - can't stop to collect all the socks and I had couple pairs from Daiso yesterday, awesomely perfect for this cozy season. 


  1. You look awesome! You've such a great sense of style - it's really relaxed.

    Loving your blog! x