Friday, August 9, 2013

Sweet Running.

 Crop t-shirt c/o my sis - denim skirt c/o local boutique - stripes sheer socks c/o Daiso Japan - 
Stylenanda inspired leather sandal heels c/o Taobao

I had two days off when last week and still need to spend some time to finish my work - really need a getaway with my backpack and favourite's books and camera. Had my lunch with my bf and friend then took some quick photos before heading home for some 90's video games. I'm wearing my sister's crop tee, pairing with denim skirt which I used to wear for school days long time ago. The look was quite sporty yet I don't feel like putting on my sneaker shoes - try to look more feminine (when having a date) so here comes a pair of leather sandal heels pairing with pastel color sheer socks. I got this lovely socks from Daiso Japan, bought two pairs and another one is polka dot pattern, really fond of buying socks at here, things are affordable and good in quality.

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  1. Very cute outfit! Looking great with this clothing combination. I also love your boots.