Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nothing much in the town,so cheers.




black hat-long sleeve jumper-floral print short jeans-panty hose-legwarmer-black heels

I think I might lose some weight because I could fit into this short jeans which is belong to my sis.She is much much slimmer than me.lol.I got the long sleeve jumper which costs rm6 when I went to F.O.S warehouse sales last month.I found that it's good in quality and the colour is cool.Am pairing the heels with a pairs of leg warmer which I used to wear it for school activity last time.I'm getting warm with it in this cold night.

This is the second posts for the trip.We had a walk before heading to dinner.This village became better in the night because there is not much people staying in the town.Lot of the shops had been closed early and we just can walk around and around.lol.We had buffet dinner at Le Blason,the food was pretty awesome,I so in love with the beef bacon and carrot soup.Five pieces and 2 bowls in the end,gawd.School reopens tomorrow after 3 day holiday and I'm feeling lazy to work out with the machine again.Feel like stick at home and playing around with the pet.Ughh,holiday.

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