Tuesday, May 31, 2011

HFW day three.

 First of all,I think that today would be my luckiest day ever since I'm featuring in the home page of CHICTOPIA today.Hava a look!I'm so happy with this and thanks again for the 400+ votes and comments from everyone,appreciate this so much.I still can't believe this's not a dream,lol.

Well,the theme of Hijabi Fashion Week today is about work out wear.and riding bike would be my most favourite hobby.Am going to have a bike ride this morning in my neighbourhood,love enjoying the fresh breeze and soft sunshine.Too bad that I just only had half an hour for this because of the sudden pouring rain .Urggh,I wish I could sweat like a pig.I'm wearing the colour tee with raglan sleeve which is from my sis and the track bottom with baggy style.I'm super in love with this colour tee,every colours in this shirt was just cheer me up.How good that I found this  F21 neon pink elastic band in the drawer and it is so match with the tee!It's good that have some outdoor activities in the weekdays,working out is much better than getting your butt off the couch and having the whole jug of jelly beans.Ha,quote from my mom.

colour tee with raglan sleeve-baggy track bottom-marine blue Converse shoes-F21 neon pink elasticband


  1. Your outfit is awesomÇ! :D I like the t-shirt so much! is so beautiful! :D

  2. hye sis
    you're awesome
    i love those tee color,pants' style and shoes
    congratulations for voting on chictopia ^ ^

  3. Congrats on being featured!!
    Your outfit is cute. :)