Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sweet panther roars.

oversize blouse-selfmade corset-ripped jeans-stripes sandals

You can't imagine what's the first thought in my mind when I spot this shoes in the boutique.There's only one pair left and that is actually my shoe size,well good fortunes come to me and I know it well,lol.I found this vintage retro blouse in my mom's wardrobe,such a really sweet pink colour here and love the two huge patch pockets in the front on this blouse.I also wearing a leopard printed corset which I finish done it one month ago.I wish to have a sexy cool corset so I decided to get some leopard print textile for making this.There's different design for both of the straps and some diamond shape buttons here,feel comfy about this cotton texture too.

Here comes the weekend again and gotta out for some drinks with my girlfriend later.I desperately need someone to talk to but there's no one here,urghh.Besides,I get some animal print fabric for the long coat which I start to make lately,can't wait to put it on for the next season and hope that the print is still in trend!


  1. I like the shoes! :D they're absolutely awesome :) you were so lucky to found them!


  2. those shoes are to great I love how they have thick straps! great top with layering with that leopard print underneath!