Monday, December 10, 2012

DIY Studded Shoulder Sweater

DIY studded sweater - DUET galaxy print legging pant - vintage rainbow shades

The bad things is, I have no idea where to get some attachable studs for DIY in the town or either I'll get it with expensive price tag. So I have been tried to buy from Taobao and finally the parcel arrived in my mailbox - can't wait to do some DIY with all these lovely spikes! I decided to add on the studs to one of my favourite sweater,the one in black mix with burgundy colour yarn. I dare not to ruin out any shirts that I have by punching holes and stab through the studs, so I have this knitted wool sweater- it's easier to stab through all the studs here and you all should give it a shot!

It's gonna be a little relax-able escape for me and my bf to the Penang Island in this coming weekend. We don't really have a good plan for this yet I'm feeling exciting to fling off all the endless work routines. It's gonna be a good time touching of the tenderness of breezing wind while the sandy beach just steps away from little sunshine.   


  1. I like the sweater, and the detail on the shoulder is so awesome!
    Enjoy your escape!

  2. Love this, you're so pretty and the outfit is gorgeous!
    And don't worry, travelling without a plan is much more fun :P

    Love, B <3

  3. I love the details and your leggings! Lovely photos :)